Green Owl Organic Maids does not seek to outbid the competition when it comes to price, we seek to outbid the quality of work we provide with  high end supplies and energetic well trained cleaners.


Most people like to know how much would cost by the hour, here are the prices: Our minimum booking are 3 hours for any of the following :

  • Regular weekday cleaning $ 36 – $40 per maid/hour with one maid *(Price depends on house situation)

  • Regular weekly or bi-weekly cleaning, weekends and holidays $45.00 per maid/hour.

  • Deep cleaning, move in/out week days $ 45.00 per 1 maid/hour.

  • Deep cleaning, move in/out weekends and holidays $55.00 per 1 maid/hour.

  • Post construction weekdays $50 per 1 maid/hour

  • Post construction weekends and holidays $ 55 per 1 maid/hours.

  • Commercial Cleaning (prices upon request)

  • Kilometers $ 1.60 for every 5 km inside Vancouver – 15km or less we do not charge kilometers.

      Crime scene, Office and commercial, please call or e-mail for a quote. Cleaning time starts when our maids arrive on location and stop when they leave. We work with 1, 2 or 3 maids depending on the job working by the hour multiplied by the number of maids (ie: 3 maids for 1 hours is equal to 3 hours of services). Our average prices range from $120 – $ 250 for regular weekly bi-weekly cleaning, based on square foot/up keep of the house on an average condo/houses ranging from 500 – 2200 s/f.  Generally first time cleaning is more expensive if haven’t been cleaned in a while.  Depending on how often you would like your house clean, we can provide affordable prices.

Please contact our office and we will gladly take your information and book you at a time that is most convenient for you.

**Where there is no parking available to park our cars, the client is responsible for the parking fees usually $2 per hour**

Credit Card processing Fee ** 3.3%** Please let us know in advance

%5 GST is charged on all services