Company Policies and Procedures:

If you call Green Owl Organic Maids to take care of your home, office or commercial site, you made an excellent choice and thank you for giving us the opportunity to enter in your home.

In order to make everyone satisfied our company, we developed some procedures to make sure we are on the same page in regards to our services for you. Green Owl Organic Maids is a fully licensed cleaning services that can cover all of your cleaning needs and much more.



Please make sure that we can enter your house/office/commercial site by leaving us a key, confirming with us for any codes or having the person who will open the house for us, leaving instructions with concierge. We guarantee you 100 % safety. If we arrive but no one is there to open the house/office/commercial site, we reserve the right to charge a fee for not informing us about service cancellation.


Our Crew:

We usually work single, double, triple staff depending of task, costumers request and deadline.  We will not open cupboards, closet and drawers unless requested by the customer. Our staff will not smoke on your property, not share any information with anyone even for referred customer friends or family. We require our staff to pass an interview, criminal background check (Vancouver and RCMP), references (Professional and personal) and a long and extensive training that last at least 3 months. The owner is always present with the employees while in training and the cleaning is inspected and done again if it does not meet our standard. We inspect all of our cleaning after the crew has finished  in order to make sure there is nothing missed.


There are some customers that have their own supplies and equipment while other use exclusively ours. If for some reason you are short on supplies or your equipment is broken, please let us know. We can provide the equipment for the cleaning while you fix yours for 1 month without charge.



Please let us know if you have a pet and their name(s) so we can interact with them while on the property. We want to make sure we treat your pet with same care we treat you. Plants please let us know about special care with them.



Green Owl Organic Maids requires pre-payment with your credit card to reserve your cleaning date. The pre-payment can be done over the phone, we do not store credit card information and we work with Moneris Financial/Paypal. If our client would like to pay cash or check, we also need a credit card  pre-authorization and once we receive payment we will void the credit card transaction face to face with our customer. Please advise us what payment method you prefer when you book your cleaning.



Green Owl Organic Maids is insured for $ 2,000,000 and is registered with Work Safe British Columbia. Our company does not take responsibilities due to customer’s lack of information about location of fragile items and bad installation of devices and equipment. If damage occurs due to our fault, we guarantee the replacement as quickly as possible through our insurance company.


Schedule changes and cancellation policy:

Things happens and sometimes you need to reschedule cleaning services. No problem, we always understanding your position, but respecting our time, please let Green Owl Organic Maids know about your decision at least 48 hours before your appointment or 4 days for move in/out. If we need to cancel the appointment and sometimes does happen, we will arrange for the same week cleaning at our clients convenience.  Cancellations  with less than 24 or 48 hours notice will incur a fee of $29. If our staff gets to the client’s residence and no one is available or has made key arrangements with our company, we reserve the right to keep the full amount of the cleaning. Also, if cancellations for the same day that cleaning is scheduled for move in/ out, regular cleaning or post construction cleaning, 50% of the total amount will be charged as a last minute cancellation penalty. We would rather do the cleaning and make our clients smile, however, we do need to pay our employees. We hope this never happens and to prevent that, we will send our clients an e-mail with appointment confirmation shortly after the appointment is booked.

“Please note we cannot guarantee exact arrival time due to traffic conditions and jobs, we can guarantee to arrive as close as 40 minutes before of after the time scheduled”



Our professional team will do it best to handle your specifications and ensure first class cleaning.  After our team finishes the cleaning please make sure to walk through with the maid and check the services.Our client will have 12 hours after the cleaning to call or email if there are any problems identified. However, in case we fail to provide excellent work (believe us this happens very rarely!) we do not refund you money. Just call us within the 12 hours and our team will gladly settle the problem immediately. If the client pays us by the hour and only paid for that amount of time, Green Owl Organic Maids will clean as much as possible for the time paid.

We waive the responsibility in the cases of:

ie: Our client pays for 2 hours with 2 maids and it was not enough time to clean the whole house. In this case our staff will clean for the time that was paid for,  but we cannot guarantee perfection if staff was rushed by the customer. Moving in/out or post construction prices are different. In a case where client inquires for hours of cleaning  (we will clean for the time it was paid for). Its seems that everyone has different idea of how long it takes to clean a home, to avoid mis-communication, we give our quote as we know how long it takes for us to clean in a case of move in/ move out or post construction.  If  Green Owl Organic Maids made any charges that we didn’t agree upon we will be glad to refund your money. Please make sure you look at our prices for special request  – windows cleaning, heavy duty cleaning, cleaning inside stove, fridge and cupboards and let us know prior to the appointment.



Green Owl Organic Maids will be happy to give you a quote over the phone. However we do rely on the honesty of our customer on how big the place is (square footage). We will email a checklist for the client to print, and leave on the counter with special requests included in writing. We do require a minimum booking of 3 hours for 1 maid or 1.5 hours for 2 maids. If a quote was given over the phone based on wrong square footage, we cannot guarantee the same price and we do reserve the right to change the price on the job site if we notice that inaccurate information was given.  We take our time to clean properly, and our estimate is based on square foot and hours spent. Prices may vary and we do reserve the right to change if more time was spent. The client is responsible to read our policy before the cleaning appointment, prices, and special requests listed on our website. Green Owl Organic Maids does reserve the right to refuse services.


Distance And Areas We Serve:

Green Owl Organic Maids serves all of the Lower Mainland. Fuel costs may be applied if the distance is greater than 15 km from our office located in the Oakridge Area.