In our modern society life became very busy, especially in urban areas and when people have free time, the last thing they want to do is take care of house work.

Green Owl Organic Maids understands that and we work hard so you don’t have to.  We work mainly with people and families who have a busy life style. We have earned our clients trust. Our hassle free cleaning service delivers a superior cleaning.

Green Owl Organic Maids offers a wide variety of services:

  • Maid Services  Our maids are specialized in making your home the best place you want it to be.

 Download our green owl checklist prior to your appointment.

Same day service (express maid): This service is for urgent house work that needs to be done same day.(3-4 hour minimum)

  • One time Cleaning

Deep cleaning including, usually first time cleaning.

  • Spring Cleaning/Fall Cleaning

Deep cleaning that is done one or twice a year.

  • Before and after Party

After celebrations in your home or space.

  • Daily, Weekly, by weekly and monthly cleaning

Light duty cleaning. This type of cleaning we build schedule to make sure we cover the whole house, one thing at the time.

  • Move in/Out

Move in/ out cleaning can be very simple or very expensive, depending the situation of the home and the standards of landlord/lady. Some inspections are easier than another. Before you hire a cleaning company for this service, make sure you know what needs to be done. We have our checklist, however, from experience sometimes the inspector goes beyond of expectations when it comes to cleaning. If you are on a budget, call us and we will teach you how to prepare for the cleaning so we can spend less time. You will save more money if you do some preparation before our crew arrives.

  • Post construction cleaning

Post construction can be very simple or very difficult to clean. Everything will depend on how the contractors left the site. Hours depends on how difficult the cleaning is. The best way to save money is to make be sure that contractors pick after themselves after their work in your construction site. Post construction cover all inside the house only.

  • Crime Scene Cleaning

After a trauma occurs and you need someone to clean and give you peace of mind. Please make sure before you schedule your appointment you check with police authority if the place is clean for cleaning. GOOM will call RCPM to make sure the site is clear before starts the cleaning. If police didn’t come to collect evidences and clear the place to be cleaned GOOM will not clean the site.

  • Carpet Cleaning (Professional Steam Cleaning)

Prices may vary according to the space and carpet conditions. Minimum charge of $75.00 for this service , please call us to schedule a visit  for an unique complementary quote. As carpet is very unique, we can only estimate over the phone but final price will be given before we start the work on site.

  • Window Cleaning

Windows cleaning exterior, please call us for a quote as prices are different.

  • Janitorial Services: Office Cleaning and all commercial sites (floor care, wax and more) on daily basis, weekly, by-weekly or monthly basis. Please call us and we will provide a quote that cover all your needs. We bid on projects, however, companies hire us because of our quality of work.


Please email or call us and we will schedule a free appointment to make an unique plan that will attend to your needs